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Borrego Publishing is a book production company that specializes in full-service production of professional, science and technology (S&T), technical books, engineering books, academic text books, computer books, and corporate professional and technical documentation such as manuals, application notes and data sheets. View our impressive roster of clients. Also, check out our subsidy press services!

About Borrego Publishing and Founder, Kelly Johnson

I got my start in technical publications in 1986 by working for a small company that provided a computerized unit that replaced paper tape readers on machine tools, and they also provided a system to network the machine tools together. In the five years I worked there, I learned Ventura Publisher inside and out, and published nearly all of the technical documents for this small company. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my technical publications career. I furthered my education and received a professional certificate in Graphic Communications from UCSD Extension, University of California, San Diego in 1992.

In 1991, I moved on to Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) and worked in the marketing communications department and was responsible for the company's technical documentation. I prided myself in churning out stellar data sheets, application notes and data books, while helping with the marketing functions. As the years went on, I was promoted to managing the technical publications department. Also, around the mid-90s, when companies were beginning to think about websites, I was instrumental in developing the first, second and third generation websites for AMCC. Additionally, I earned a specialized certificate in Web Publishing from UCSD Extension, University of California, San Diego. The instructor of the web publishing program was Thomas Powell, founder of PINT, which is now a nationally recognized website development company. In 2001, after much thought, I left AMCC to pursue a career in technical book publishing, production, and various other technical documentation.

Also, during the early 1990s, I formed a relationship with a couple of book publishers, HighText Publications and LLH Technology Publishing. I freelanced with these companies during my 10-year employment at AMCC and produced several technical books, and also coordinated the printing of these books through various book manufacturing printers, and I also ensured the finished product made it to the book distributor.

In recent years, I have evolved from being an independent contractor to forming Borrego Publishing, a company that specializes in full-service book production, and I have been providing timely and quality book production and editing services for small to large book publishers, engineering professionals, self-publishers and high-technology companies since 1992. I have a thorough working knowledge of the book publishing industry, as well as current computer technologies involved in producing books and I believe that Borrego Publishing would be an asset to your book publishing company. Additionally, we are producing niche market books and selling them through our bookstore. Through a team of highly-skilled book production professionals, we can produce your book to your satisfaction and on time.

Borrego Publishing's offices are located in the greater Denver area, Lakewood, CO and Borrego Springs, CA.

For more information about any of Borrego Publishing's services, call (928) 830-4783.
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I am also a genealogist and the founder of Vintage eBooks, which is dedicated to publishing books in electronic (eBook) form that have been out-of-print for years.

Thank you for browsing our website. We welcome the opportunity to produce your next book project and are happy to provide a free quote! If you have any questions, please call or send us an email.

Kelly Johnson

Education. Expression. Making a living. I believe that the book is, still, one of the most important mediums for that. And still a relatively modern technology in the history of civilization. I believe that the best education is the one that we pursue on our own.    —Tom Chambers, 50,000 Books

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