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Borrego Publishing is a book production company that specializes in full-service production of professional, science and technology (S&T), technical books, engineering books, academic text books, computer books, and corporate professional and technical documentation such as manuals, application notes and data sheets. View our impressive roster of clients. Also, check out our subsidy press services!

Borrego Publishing's Subsidy Press Services for SELF-PUBLISHERS AND SELF-AUTHORS

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Entry: sub·si·dy / something intended to aid, support, or comfort.

Borrego Publishing is different from other subsidy presses, as we produce your book at a reasonable cost to you and allow you to maintain full control of the rights to your book. The book is actually published by you; Borrego Publishing assists you in getting your book completed from concept to completion. We offer our marketing expertise and services and list your book in our bookstore. In addition, we can provide our company logo, ISBN number and barcode.

Borrego Publishing provides full-service book production and project management from author manuscript to printed book. Your book will appear under the Borrego Publishing imprint (logo), we provide the ISBN number, barcode, and everything else needed to get your book ready for sale to individuals and through retail channels, including warehousing, online sales and marketing, and e-book production if desired. This is ideal for authors who are not able or do not wish to publish their book through a larger publisher, or who lack the knowledge, desire, or time to become a "self-publisher" and handle everything themselves. Publishing through our services is a good idea if you want your book produced at a high quality level, suitable for sale through bookstores and other conventional book markets, and if you are well-acquainted with the primary market for your book. This is especially true if you are a speaker, you plan on selling most of your books yourself, and you want to have a high degree of control over the publishing of your books. Usually, the books are printed via Print-on-Demand (POD), which offers a way to publish a small quantity of books at an affordable price. If you are certain of larger quantity sales—say greater than 500 copies—and want a higher print run, we can also provide conventional book printing at reasonable prices.

View a sample niche market book in our bookstore.

As an author with Borrego Publishing, you pay the full cost of producing and printing your work and are ultimately responsible for marketing and distribution. Therefore, the finished copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights, and all money received from book sales are exclusively yours. We can also market and sell your book (for a nominal fee), and we can provide or recommend other services such as warehousing, shipping, distributors, online marketing, etc., if desired. We maintain an extensive network of reasonably priced service providers covering all areas of book publishing—you won't simply be left on your own with a garage full of books, unless you want it that way!

Some of the Services We Offer: What's the Difference between Borrego Publishing Subsidy Press services and a Self-Published Book?
  • Borrego Publishing
    Most work submitted to us is accepted for publication. Borrego Publishing will help you produce your book to current book standards, and also guide you through some marketing basics. We do charge a fee for the full cost of producing your book and you are responsible for marketing and distribution. Therefore, the finished copies, copyrights, all subsidiary rights, and all money received from book sales are exclusively yours. If you choose to allow Borrego Publishing to help you sell your book, a nominal fee will be charged .

  • Self-Publisher
    A self-publisher is an author who has enough knowledge of publishing business workings and interactions to confidently arrange for and supervise the creation and printing of his or her own products. The self-published author is responsible for every single step involved with the process of getting that book from manuscript to finished, saleable product, as well as getting that product to the customers for sale.
What Borrego Publishing Offers

Your book will be published under our publishing logo, as well as our ISBN number and barcode. We will turn your manuscript into a book with a professional-quality binding and cover design. The big difference with our subsidy press services is that you maintain all rights to the book, you control marketing and sales, and therefore you reap the rewards of all sales. However, Borrego Publishing can assist in areas such as selling, warehousing, shipping, and marketing your book if desired (for example, posting your book on, Barnes & Noble, distribution, etc*). In addition, we will list your book on our website. If you want your book available for purchase on the Internet or through special orders at a bookstore, you will have to arrange this, unless you choose this option from Borrego Publishing. *Borrego Publishing Subsidy Press is not responsible for the success or nonsuccess of your book sales; however, we offer recommendations for the marketing and selling of your book, based on years of publishing experience. We can connect you with other service providers to handle all or part of your marketing and sales effort.

Why Use Borrogo Publishing' Services?

Your book may fill a "niche market" that has not been met and you can test that market by printing a small quantity of books to a high standard of quality. Books specifically designed for the needs of a smaller audience may not be found in the mass market because publishers feel the demand is not great enough to warrant their typical large press run. If you are an expert in a field and understand that market, who better to sell your book than yourself? Some examples of types of authors/books that could benefit from our services are: academic professors, family histories, employee handbooks, corporate documents, niche market books, or any authors who wish to sell their books themselves and maintain full control.

What is Print-on-Demand (POD)?

Print on demand (POD) is a publishing technology allowing small quantities of books to be produced at reasonable cost. While the unit cost of a book produced using POD is usually higher than one produced as part of a longer print run, POD does bring some key business benefits:
  • large inventories of the book do not need to be kept in stock,
  • the technical setup is usually quicker and less expensive than for traditional printing, and
  • there is little or no waste from unsold products. These advantages reduce the risks associated with publishing books and can lead to increased choice for consumers.

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We're so sure you'll find our services valuable in your publishing business that we are pleased to offer a FREE, no-obligation copyedit, proofreading and composition/layout as a sample of what we can do for you.

Just send us a maximum of six standard, double-spaced text (approximately 1,500 words) pages and we'll provide a review and/or sample layout of your text for FREE. We'll point out the good, the bad and the ugly, but the best part is that you can try out Borrego Publishing for FREE—there's no obligation so you have nothing to lose.

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