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Borrego Publishing is a book production company that specializes in full-service production of professional, science and technology (S&T), technical books, engineering books, academic text books, computer books, and corporate professional and technical documentation such as manuals, application notes and data sheets. View our impressive roster of clients. Also, check out our subsidy press services!

Book Covers Matter
Everyone knows you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—but everyone does. Readers look at the front cover and the back cover and then make a buying decision. They do not read the book first. Retailers (bookstores) buy from the cover. Sales reps do not lug books around. Wholesalers make buys without seeing the text. They want you to submit just the cover-they don't judge the content. Reviewers receive dozens of books each day and can only review a small number. They have to select the books that appear to be the most interesting. Your book cover has to survive "the glance test."

To get started on your book cover design you will need to have your book interior either in the process of being formatted or already formatted (designed). The total page count of your finished book interior will determine the spine width of the book cover. Therefore, the interior ultimately must be formatted before the cover can be completed. But we can get started on the cover while the interior is in process. You will need to decide with your printer which book type (perfect bound or hardbound) and book size you want. You will also need to have your title and subtitle ready or any other text that will go on the cover. We will need a number of things later for the back cover including your ISBN number.

We offer competitive rates on book cover design. We charge a design fee that does not include the cost of an image should one need to be purchased for your cover. Sometimes, a cover can be created without a purchased image or you may already have an image that you want to use, in which case the cost may be lower for a perfect bound (soft cover) or case bound (hard back) book. However, most book covers do require the purchase of an image. Generally, book covers range from $500.00–$2,500.00.

Our cover design costs are generally priced as follows:
  • Design/production base cost…$500.00 plus:
    • Additional cost of royalty-free photography (if required)
    • Additional cost of rights-management photography (if required)
    • Additional cost of exclusive rights-management photography (if required)
Comps will be provided to you in the form of color ink jet printouts and/or by electronic mechanical output from a commercial printer. Images to be used for the cover design may be researched and provided by the client, the publisher, or myself. If you need to economize on your printing costs, a two-color design can be used. Otherwise, four-color is standard. Book cover design includes the cover, spine and back, and inside flaps for hardcover books. We have an extensive collection of fonts and have all the best image resources with which to find the ideal image for your cover.


We're so sure you'll find our services valuable in your publishing business that we are pleased to offer a FREE, no-obligation copyedit, proofreading and composition/layout as a sample of what we can do for you.

Just send us a maximum of six standard, double-spaced text (approximately 1,500 words) pages and we'll provide a review and/or sample layout of your text for FREE. We'll point out the good, the bad and the ugly, but the best part is that you can try out Borrego Publishing for FREE—there's no obligation so you have nothing to lose.

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Book covers really do matter. Readers look at the front cover and the back cover and then quickly make buying decisions. Reviewers can only review a few books each week, so must select book covers that appear to be the most interesting. Your book cover must survive "the glance test" for both reviewers and book buyers!